Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just who the hell is Mike Gravel?

I like the long shot candidates, and not even Dennis Kucinich is as long as a shot as Mike Gravel. Who is this... oddity, to put it nicely? Who's this guy that has the courage to say the Empress has no clothes, that the Democrats are marginally different than the Republicans on foreign policy? Mike is doing us all a service by pointing out that the Democrats are not anti-war, they're anti-Iraq.

We have Obomba, Hillary "Bombdham" Clinton and John Edwards, who doesn't get a nickname (honestly, how many times can a guy run for Vice President) because he's not going to win.

Gravel made it clear that while the Democratic front runners will get us out of Iraq, they'll get us into Iran. And as Wolf Blitzer showed us, they'll also possibly get us into Sudan. Won't that be wonderful? We can get out of the Iraq quagmire and right into the next two quagmires right after.

But still, other than a crazy, old guy that reveals uncomfortable truths for the Democrats, who is Mike Gravel and why does he deserve enough respect to be up on stage?

Well, he was once a possible VP pick in the 70's, but that's low on his qualifications. What Mike Gravel did was help get one of the most complete versions of the Pentagon Papers released to the media. He also launched himself into a one man filibuster against renewing the military draft in 1971, and managed to get Senate Republicans and President Nixon to agree.

Just remember that the next time you wonder who the angry senior is.

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