Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Anuzis Effect

In this day in age, there is one, obvious truth than seems to have escaped those in politics: Don't snub the grass roots candidate. Whatever his odds, whatever his politics, today's grass roots champion is Ron Paul. His support comes from an active and interested group of Americans, a group of people that can't help but fight every chance they get to promote the Ron Paul campaign.

So, it should be no surprise that when he is attacked, the attackers get an earful. The first example of this was Saul Anuzis. Saul is the chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan. Following the infamous second GOP debate, he wanted to start a petition to ban Ron Paul from future debates. Bad move. His office, blackberry and even home phone was stuffed with angry Ron Paul supporters. It got so bad that his office was forced to stop answering calls. Tens of thousands of people called to give Mr. Anuzis a piece of their minds.

A little off the point, but I'm not angry with Mr. Anuzis. I sincerely believe that he fell for Rudy's distortion, which was only worsened by the media's parroting. Oh sure, I don't think he agrees with Ron Paul on foreign policy, but few Republicans do right now. But I don't think Saul was targeting Ron Paul for his positions, but rather his perceived positions.

But back to the "Anuzis Effect". This is going to be an important part of politics for years to come. And it's going to continue to happen as long as the elites think they can manipulate the process. The people aren't standing for it anymore. We don't want the herd thinned out for us, that's what the actual votes are for.

But why isn't anyone learning? The same mistake Saul made is being done again, this time in Iowa. As I type this, I am sure that the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief are getting their share of heat. And not just them, but the co-sponsors of the debate as well. Their phones are all ready so busy that the grass roots are seeking out more relevant people to call.

So, when does it end? Not until the campaign ends.

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Bret Moore said...

It's really funny; you should see how quickly we get organized. It's like an angry hornets nest. It's quite stirring, honestly, to see such a wide cross-section of folks getting irate enough to take action when the powers that be are attempting to force-feed us what they want us to think/do. More Power to the People, More People to the Power!