Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ed Failor's Next Move?

So, Ed Failor is the man behind the move to exclude Ron Paul from the Iowan Presidential Forum, sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance. I listened to him talk with Kent Snyder and Jan Michelson on radio. Ed Failor clearly came across as a man who is under attack and desperate to reach a reasonable solution without appearing to cave into pressure.

That solution won't happen. If things continue the way they are there will be two possible results:
1. Ed is overwhelmed and caves in, losing the battle, but making Ron Paul supporters looks like a group of annoying kooks.
2. Ed puts up with a couple weeks of no phone or Internet use but keeps Ron Paul out,

That's a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. Let me tell you what Failor ought to do:

1. Invite Ron Paul as well as Gravel and Cox and a couple more that were excluded, that way you're not caving in specifically to Ron Paul.
2. Cut the crap. No one believes that your schedule is carved in diamond, stop using this excuse. If you can't fit in a couple more candidates, then your organization has bigger problems than Ron Paul. By the way, what would they have done, hypothetically, if all their invited candidates had come? By my count they sent out about 16 invitations and received about 7 confirmations.
3. Tell the Ron Paul supporters that they're hurting themselves. When they give these annoying calls to a person's home, it drives people away. Hell, it's probably true that the thing that's making Failor most reluctant is he doesn't want to look weak under pressure. Tell them that Ed. Tell them that they're making you reluctant to change.


Bret Moore said...

These guys don't want to include him, because his message is the antithesis of what they really want: the gravy train to come their way.

That is precisely the attitude that we must change in this country. It's regrettable that some over-eager turkeys called his house at night (although these are unsubstantiated allegations at this point, in truth), but hell, don't make really bad policy choices and bad consequences won't happen. Surely they saw this coming after the Anuzis Affair?

Granny Miller said...

Ed Failor Jr. shouldn't worry about appearing weak he is starting to look plumb stupid.

I would have loved to have heard his radio interview this morning.