Sunday, August 12, 2007

Winners and Losers: Ames Editions


Mike Huckabee: Showed that he is very good at appealing to voters. He has yet to show he is able to solicit the only thing more important than their votes: their campaign contributions.

Tom Tancredo: Tom looked like he might be out of a campaign after some weak showing in the past. His 4th place surge has given him at least a few more months of campaign.

Ron Paul: He showed that he can convince approximately 10% of the party faithful, in Iowa no less, to vote for him. It's truly amazing when one considers how little he spent in and visited Iowa.

Romney: All the attention is on him and definitely off of his nearest rivals, which is what he wants, but...


Romney: Also lost because he didn't win by very much, attendance was low and he poured so much into it that his results were a bit underwhelming.

McCain, Rudy: I'm lumping them together for being front runners that let a major media event and momentum shifter pass them by. The poll also showed that support for them is lukewarm, not die hard.

Tommy Thompson: He spent so much time and money in Iowa, to finish 6th behind Ron Paul is disastrous. If he sticks to his word he'll be dropping out of the race soon.

Brownback: Despite getting third, he poured more money, buses, time and what ever else there is into the even than the similar Huckabee, but still finished behind him. Not good.

John Cox: Who? Yeah, I feel bad for the guy. He seems like a true conservative, he's not a career politician, he's a businessman.

Fred Thompson: Fred is supposed to be the grass roots candidate, the true conservative who hasn't entered yet. His poor showing shows that people really only care about him because they're frustrated with the current field, and that when campaign comes to shove, they'll back Romney.

Duncan Hunter: Biggest loser of the night. He fell into John Cox territory for vote totals, but he's long been considered a serious candidate and unlike Rudy, Fred and McCain, he actually tried to make a showing at the straw poll.

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